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2015 Jeep Wrangler


Jeep Wrangler

Service Date
Services Performed
  • (Combination) – ENGINE OIL – Drain & Refill
  • During vehicle inspection found: Priority One: 1 – repair possible rear axle seal leaks, 2 – brake inspection, 3 – replace air filter. Priority Two: 1 – replace front shocks. Priority Three: 1 – replace serpentine belt, 2 – perform transmission fluid flush, 3 – perform brake fluid flush. Code Scan: No Codes Present Brake Fluid: flush is recommended Serpentine Belts: replacement is recommended by time and mileage. Air Filter: air filter is restricted recommend replacing air filter. Transmission fluid: flush is recommended. Spark Plugs / Wires: ignition tune-up is recommended by time and mileage. Brakes (Pads/Shoes): brake pads are getting low and rear brake pads may be contaminated with possible gear oil due to possible axle seal leak. Shocks / Struts: passenger side front shock absorber is leaking, recommend replacing both front shocks. Differential fluid: found possible rear axle seals leaking, necessary to perform brake inspection and rear differential inspection to pinpoint issues.
  • ENGINE OIL FILTER – Remove & Replace
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2011 Jeep Liberty


Jeep Liberty

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Confirmed noise coming from stripped actuator gear. Recommend replacing actuator through warranty.
  • During vehicle inspection found: priority One. 1 diagnose oil leak. 2 oil change. 3 cabin air filter/recirculation door actuator. 4 driver side ball joints. 5 BG transmission flush. 6 air filter Priority Two. 1 serpentine belt. 2 tune up plugs wires. 3 clips for hood liner. SEL- Code list: door module code u113d, b 21a1. memory seat module code b1d9b-54. tire pressure monitoring and wireless control module code c0077. Oil Life %: no oil change sticker to reference to. did confirm last time we changed the oil was 5,000 mi ago. Cabin air filter: restricted. Recirculation door actuator is making a loud clinking noise due to stripped out gears inside actuator. Wiper Blades: Under hood liner at washer squirters is missing clips. Found squirter detached from hose. Reassembled, verified functioning normal (if happens again recommend replacing squirter). Lights (Head, Brake, Turn): passenger side license plate light is out. Engine Oil: oil leak coming from timing cover area, will clean and add dye to confirm. Belts: serpentine belt is the original equipment, recommend replaced by mileage. Air Filter: restricted Transmission fluid: extremely dark recommend performing BG flush
  • Performed Premiun BG ATF flush with BG transmission conditioner. Double checked fluid level and test drive vehicle 10 MI to verify service.
  • Removed and installed front timing cover. Replaced water pump and thermostat. Replaced air filter. Topped off coolant and oil; added dye and test drove vehicle for 10 MI to verify repair.
  • removed and replaced oil filter. drained and refilled oil with 5 quarts 5W-20 synthetic blend and a can of MOA. reset maintenance light and stickered vehicle for 3000 miles.
  • Removed and replaced recirculation door actuator. Removed and replaced cabin air filter. Confirmed function of recir. door and confirmed customers concern of noise no longer present.
  • Verified passenger squirter inop and drivers side not much power. Upon inspection found passenger squirter disconnected from hose. Reassembled and tested. Found squirters functioning normal but if they continue to disconnect, will need to reassess, possibly replace hose assembly. Also noted underhood liner is missing clips. Recommend replacing liner clips.
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2017 Jeep Wrangler


Jeep Wrangler

Service Date
Services Performed
  • LOF Inspection Priority List: Priority One: 1 – front end inspection / alignment. 2 – windshield. 3 – clean power steering reservoir and recheck for dye. 4 – replace battery and key fob. Inspection findings- SEL- Code list – Engine code P0513 invalid SIM key. most common cause is battery and key fob, recommend replacement of key fob battery and clear code. tire pressure monitoring code C0077 low tire pressure. Oil Life % – According to oil change sticker vehicle is 3000 miles over oil change. Cabin air filter – Vehicles not equipped with cabin air filter Windshield / Glass – Windshield is damaged. Power Steering Fluid – Did find power steering seems to be seeping at a cap recommend to clean off and reinspect. Tire pressure & condition – Did set tire pressure to 37 PSI. front tires have some abnormal choppiness recommend performing front end inspection and alignment check.
  • Performed engine oil drain and refill with added BG MOA.
  • Replaced oil filter
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2014 Jeep Wrangler


Jeep Wrangler

Service Date
Services Performed
  • During vehicle inspection found: Tire pressure was set at 27 did raise them to 35 to perform alignment please advise customer if wants to adjust back.
  • Road test vehicle. Check all suspension and steering parts for wear. Check tire pressure and condition. Check alignment of all four wheels. Found caster to be positive one degree more than what's in spec camber is borderline recommend adjustable upper ball joints found steering wheel would be off .2 degrees, but total toe is good.
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2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Jeep Grand Cherokee

Service Date
Services Performed
  • (Combination) – ENGINE OIL – Drain & Refill All Applicable Models
  • A/C COMPRESSOR DRIVE BELT – Remove & Replace – All Applicable Models – [Includes: Serpentine type Belt(s).]
  • During vehicle inspection found: list of codes body control module abs and 1 engine code P1281 engine is cold too long. windows are not operating properly, third brake light and license plate light are out, serpentine belt has multiple cracks in it, k&n air filter need to be clean next oil change ,battery terminal service due to corrosion,
  • ENGINE OIL FILTER – Remove & Replace – All Applicable Models
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2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Jeep Grand Cherokee

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Customer requesting prices on 2-3 in lift with wheels and tire, possible frt bumper and tail light covers.
  • Installed customer requested grill guard.
  • Installed customer requesting 2 in leveling kit, see added line for alignment.
  • Installed rear taillight covers.
  • Performed alignment. See spec sheet. Road tested to verify repairs. See alignment worksheet recommend replacing Front upper ball joints with adjustable and rear control arms with adjustable
  • Performed vehicle pre scan; codes present: Inspection revealed Other recommendations based on service maintenance schedule/mileage: recommended all 4 pads and rotors, driver side window has came off the track. see alignment specs for recommendation of adjustable ball joint for front and rear adjustable control arms . third brake light is out
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