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2013 RAM 1500


RAM 1500

Service Date
Services Performed
  • customer stated airbag light is on. Scanned vehicle for codes; found code b0020-13 for left side seat deployment open circuit. Suspecting possible pin fit connection issue. Removed rear of seat cover to gain access to connector finding no obvious faults. Cleared code and road tested vehicle 10 MI confirming that issue is an intermittent fault and needs to be more consistent before replacement or testing of items.
  • During vehicle inspection found: Priority One. 1 oil change. 2 brake inspection. Priority Two. 1 air filter. 2 serpentine belt. 3 clear all other codes. 4 wiper blades. SEL- Code list: see work order for airbag code b0020-13. body control module code b2303. instrument cluster code b235b. and steering column code b0579. recommending to clear codes and reevaluate next oil change Oil Life %: oil change light is on and according to oil change sticker vehicle has gone 7,000 miles overdue. Wiper Blades: wiper blades are worn recommend to replace. Engine Oil: engine oil is extremely worn Plus a half a quart low recommend performing brake inspection Belts (Engine, accessory, serpentine, V-drive): serpentine belt is original equipment recommend to replace my mileage Air Filter: air filter is dirty recommend to replace. Brakes (Pads/Shoes): front and rear brake pads are getting low but passenger side front outer brake pads are missing hardware recommend performing brake inspection
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2012 RAM Pickup


RAM Pickup

Service Date
Services Performed
  • During general inspection, confirmed passenger CV shaft is damaged and needs to be replaced. Performed drive line/suyspension inspection and found lower ball joint nut is cross threaded and front differential bracket is broken off. Front differential assembly needs to be replaced to properly fix. Also discovered driver side CV shaft is also damaged. Found passenger side wheel speed sensor wire has been ripped from body side and harness has been rubbing against tire. Recommend replacing both front CV shafts, front differential, passenger side lower ball joint, ABS wheel speed sensor and pigtail.
  • During vehicle inspection found:
  • Removed & replaced front axle (front differential) assembly along with R&R both cv axles. See added lines for additional repairs. Road tested to verify repairs.
  • Removed & replaced lower passenger ball joint. Road tested to verify repairs.
  • Removed & replaced passenger front wheel speed sensor and pigtail. Road tested to verify repairs.
  • Replace battery
  • Road test vehicle. Check all suspension and steering parts for wear. Check tire pressure and condition. Check alignment of all four wheels. Adjust caster, camber, toe-in, and thrust angle as needed on all four wheels. ( Does not include additional caster/ camber kits to perform adjustments.)
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2015 RAM 1500


RAM 1500

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Verified transmission shifts hard between 1st and 2nd gear, has a little harsh engagement at times in transfer case. Describe testing performed: scanned vehicle and had no codes, found transmission fluid is dark, found tsb for transmission hard shifting, also found transfer case fluid is a little dark. Explain repair recommendation: recommend to drop transmission pan and inspect, then if fluid is ok, to perform software update to tcm. Also recommend to service transfer case.
  • General Inspection: Priority One: 1. see work order, 2. clear codes Priority Two: 1. air filter, 2. bulbs SEL- Code list: multiple codes recommend to clear codes and reevaluate. Lights (Head, Brake, Turn): passenger license plate light is out recommend to replace bulb and recheck. Air Filter: air filter is dirty, looks like rodent has gotten in, recommend to replace air filter. Transmission fluid: transmission fluid is pretty dark and on test drive vehicle shifted hard down from 2-1, recommend to drop transmission and inspect. Transfer Case fluid: transfer case fluid is pretty dark, recommend to drain and refill.
  • Removed transmission pan to inspect for internal damages, upon transmission pan removal, found an excessive amount of metallic debris in fluid.
  • Final Tech Notes and Checklist: t case service. Repairs performed: drained and refilled t case with Mopar t case fluid.
  • Final notes on repairs performed: removed transmission assembly. using BG transmission flush machine flushed out lines and coolers confirming no contamination and Flow restriction. Installed transmission and performed transmission software update to ECU and TCM. perform transmission quick learn. topped off coolant system.
  • TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER – Remove & Replace – 8 Spd Trans Auxiliary – [DOES NOT include Radiator integral type Oil Cooler.]
  • Completed
  • (Combination) – TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY – Replace
  • Software subscription.
  • Software update completed after transmission installation. Road tested 10 miles confirming repair.
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2014 RAM 3500 HD


RAM 3500 HD

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Scaned vehicle for codes and confirm code P2459 present, suspect impossible exhaust leak or restricted exhaust filter. Performed visual inspection of exhaust with vehicle running, confirming no exhaust leaks present at this time. Road test vehicle 10 miles while monitoring exhaust temperature sensors and pressure sensors. Confirmed that exhaust pressure is reaching 4 PSI indicating a restriction in the exhaust filter due to soot. Perform regeneration to remove any possible soot from filters and road test confirming pressures down to .5 psi.
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2017 RAM 1500


RAM 1500

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Front Brake Pads Measurements – 0 on driver side 4mm on the passenger Front Brake Rotor Thickness – Driver side not measurable Front Rotor Runout – Driver side not measurable Rear Brake Pad / Shoes Measurements – 4mm Rear Disc / Drum Thickness – 0.857 min 0.803 Rear Disc Rotor Runout – 0.008 max 0. 0009 Notes for Road Test – Did not road test as brakes are metal to metal. Not safe Brake Fluid Notes- Brake fluid contaminated recommend replacing. Also recommend flush for any possibility of uneven wear caused by bad fluid. Front Brake Rotor Thickness – Passenger side 1.093 spec 1.039 Front Rotor Runout – Passenger side 0.003 spec 0.0009 Rec Repairs – Found front driver side to be metal to metal. Suspect possible slide pin issue in pst although no issues present themselves at this time. Caliper and slide pins work as intended. Rear rotors are past max lateral run out and pads are reaching the end of there life. Found brake fluid to be contaminated at 300 ppm recommend flush.
  • General Inspection – Priority List – Priority one 1 further diag of all codes Priority two 1 third brake light replacment 2 all 60k maintenance Inspection Findings – SEL- Code list – Multiple codes see print out and pictures for list recommend further diag of all codes Lights (Head, Brake, Turn) – Third brake light out recommend replacing Other – Recommend performing necessary millage maintenance Brake Fluid – See brake inspection Brakes (Pads/Shoes) – See brake inspection Tire pressure & condition – Set to 40 psi
  • Per brake inspection recommendations. Removed and replaced pads and rotors on all four wheels. Road tested vehicle confirming that brake operates as intended with no abnormal noises or brake pulsations. Confirmed that parking brake works in both directions holding vehicle weight in place on hills
  • Check brake fluid for moisture and contamination. Inspect all hydraulic line and hoses. Inspect calipers and wheel cylinders. Inspect master cylinder and cap. Flush entire brake system including master cylinder, calipers, wheel cylinders until clean.
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2012 RAM Pickup


RAM Pickup

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Confirm and exhaust leak is present at driver side exhaust manifold. Visually inspected exhaust manifold and found both rear exhaust bolts on driver side manifold to be broken. Visually inspected passenger sign and found no fault at this time. Unable to determine how many other broken bolts are present at this time due to heat shield. Finding both rear exhaust manifold bolts confirms that exhaust manifold is warped by at least an eighth of an inch. Recommending to replace driver side exhaust manifold along with gasket and hardware kit and to extract at least two hardware bolts. CT contacted extended warranty company, and found exhaust not to be covered.
  • Removing replaced oil filter. drain the oil and refilled with 7 quarts of 5W20 full synthetic oil and a can of moa. Stickered vehicle for 5,000 mi at 158625 and reset maintenance light. Double checked oil level confirming service complete.
  • General Inspection – Priority list – Priority One. 1 exhaust manifold repair. 2 front end inspection / front struts. 3 tires. 4 air filter. 5 Front CV shafts. 6 brake flush. Priority Two. 1 passenger side fog lamp. 2 clear codes and reevaluate. Inspection Findings – SEL- Code list – anti-lock brake codes c2100, c2114, c2204, c2205. airbag code b2199. Central gateway code b210d. both door modules code b21a1, b-210c, b21dd. drivetrain control module code c1480. HVAC system and radio codes b210d, b-210a. steering angle sensor c2102. recommending to clear all codes and re-evaluate. Oil Life % – no oil change sticker to reference to. Lights (Head, Brake, Turn) – passenger side fog lamp is out recommend to replace bulb and recheck. Engine Oil – engine oil is low and extremely black. recommend changing engine oil and performing oil consumption test. Brake Fluid – brake fluid is contaminated recommend performing flush. Air Filter – air filter is dirty recommend to replace. Steering System – recommending front end inspection and alignment due to tire wear. Shocks / Struts – both front struts are leaking recommend to replace assemblies. Driveline (Axles / CV Shafts) – both front CV shaft outer boots are torn recommend to replace both shafts. Exhaust System – see work order for exhaust manifold.
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2014 RAM 2500 HD


RAM 2500 HD

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Confirmed vehicle air volume is not up to par and heat is only 90° coming out of vents, did confirm mode door, blend doors, recirc. doors to all be working. Temperature of coolant going into heater hose is 180° and 160 coming out. Removed blower motor and inspected evaporator confirming some blockage and a little bit of corrosion; unfortunately unable to see how heater core looks (8 hours to access heater core), need to start with cleaning and retesting. Replaced blower motor.
  • During vehicle inspection found: Priority One. 1 BG HVAC clean. 2 further diagnosed engine codes. 3 brake inspection.4 air filter. 5 install necessary hardware for radiator, condenser. Priority Two. 1 third brake light. 2 intercooler. SEL- Code list: engine and transmission codes p2269, p0868. body control module codes u1009-00, b16 B7 – 15. door module codes b25af-2a, b2861 – 15, b21dd, 84. heated seat module b114d-2a, b1e99-1e, b1e9a,. radio frequency code and tire pressure monitoring code c0077-00. recommend to farther diagnose all codes. Oil Life %: according to sticker vehicle still has 500 miles before due. Cabin air filter: N/A Lights (Head, Brake, Turn): third brake light on cab is out, camper is blocking view of light. Other: found multiple signs of a front end collision not being properly repaired like intercooler being damaged at the bottom, AC condenser and radiator missing hardware and loose bolts. Air Filter: air filter is dirty recommend to replace Brakes (Pads/Shoes): rear brake pads are saturated in gear oil; need to perform brake inspection to inspect rear wheel seals. Differential fluid- (Frt and/or rear): suspecting rear wheel seals to be leaking; recommend performing brake inspection.
  • Removed and replaced oil filter. Drained oil and refilled with 12 quarts of 5w40 full synthetic oil. Stickered vehicle for 5,000 miles at 123,809. Double checked oil level and reset maintenance light.
  • Perform HVAC cleaning to help unclog restricted air flow.
  • Test drove vehicle; verified _____. Removed, cleaned/lubed and inspected all four wheel braking components. Inspected entire system for leaks. Found
  • PARKING BRAKE SHOE & LINING – Remove & Replace – Both Sides,w/Full Floating Axle – [Includes: Replace Rear Disc Brake Pads (if necessary) and clean, lube and/or replace Parking Brake Hardware (as necessary). DOES NOT include refinishing.]
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2014 RAM 1500


RAM 1500

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Verified passenger side exhaust manifold is leaking due to broken hardware, recommending replacing exhaust manifold and hardware.
  • Removed and replaced exhaust manifold along with gasket, hardware, see added line for hardware extraction. Road test vehicle 10 miles confirming repair.
  • Extracted two broken bolts.
  • shipping
  • General Inspection -Priority List – Priority One. 1 exhaust manifold. 2 serpentine belt. 3 clear all codes and reevaluate.4 alignment check. Inspection Findings – SEL- Code list – transmission code u0212-00. amplifier code u0184-00. body control module code b1009-00, u0147-00. passenger door control module code b18e6-2a, b25af-2a. HVAC code u0184-00. heated seat module code u1 47-00. indicated center stack code u0140-00, u0184-00 steering column control module code b0 5 79-00. recommend to clear all codes and reevaluate. Power Steering Fluid – NA Belts: engine, accessory, serpentine, V-drive – belt is the original equipment recommend keep an eye on it Exhaust System – see work order for exhaust leak. Tire pressure & condition – all four tires have choppiness recommend to perform alignment check.
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2017 RAM 3500 HD


RAM 3500 HD

Service Date
Services Performed
  • During vehicle inspection found: Brake inspection recommended due to low pad life.
  • Grind adjusting bolts to release adjusting sleeve. Adjust steering wheel. Tack weld bolts back.
  • Road test vehicle. Check all suspension and steering parts for wear. Check tire pressure and condition. Check alignment of all four wheels. Adjust caster, camber, toe-in, and thrust angle as needed on all four wheels. ( Does not include additional caster/ camber kits to perform adjustments.)
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