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2009 Hyundai Santa Fe


Hyundai Santa Fe

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  • Front Struts/Shocks – Struts are okay however mounting point for worn sway bar link is walleyed out and need to replace struts Rear Struts/Shocks – Rear shocks leaking recommend replacing Sway Bar Links – Passenger side frt link is worn. Alignment – Vehicle pulls to the left hard.
  • General Inspection Priority one 1 oil change wit Bg EPR MOA 2 transmission service 3 brake flush 4 coolant flush Priority two 1 reseal engine for oil leaks 2 air filter 3power steering flush Inspection findings – SEL- Code list – Tpms codes recommend taking to tire shop Oil Life % – Oil change due2000 miles ago Engine Oil – Front valve cover has been seeping for sometime has gotten to the point of covering the alternator in grime and oil. Appears to be leaking directly out of bottom of bell housing indicating rear main seal leak. Vehicle 2000 miles overdue for oil change roughly half qt low on oil recommend BG EPR AND MOA Treatments with oil change Brake Fluid – testing high in contamination recommend flushing Antifreeze/Coolant – Coolant measures low on glycol recommend flushing and refilling with proper 50/50 mix Power Steering Fluid – Slightly dirty Transmission fluid – Transmission fluid dirty recommend flushing Steering System – See steering and suspension inspection Shocks / Struts – See steering and suspension inspection Tire pressure & condition – Set to 36 psi
  • STABILIZER BAR CONTROL LINK – Remove & Replace – One Side
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2012 Hyundai Santa Fe


Hyundai Santa Fe

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  • General Inspection Priority One. 1 brake inspection. 2 brake flush. Priority Two. 1 motor mounts. 2 CV shafts. 3 cabin air filter. 4 spare tire. 5 diagnose codes. 6 wiper blades.. SEL- Code list four-wheel drive control unit code U0100, P1780. tire pressure monitoring codes C1123, C13 14. recommend to further diagnose codes. Oil Life % according to oil change sticker vehicle is 1000 miles over. suspecting they wrote down the mileage of the oil change because fluid level and condition look new. Cabin air filter cabin air filter is dirty recommend to replace. Wiper Blades wiper blades are a little worn recommend to replace. Brake Fluid Brake fluid is highly contaminated recommend performing flush. Brakes (Pads/Shoes) front brake pads are extremely low recommend performing brake inspection. Shocks / Struts front struts and rear shocks are the original equipment recommend to replace by mileage. Driveline (Axles / CV Shafts) passenger side CV shaft is making clicking noise and driver side inner CV boot is starting to seep recommend to replace both front CV shafts Tire pressure & condition spare tire had 10 psi air to 45 PSI recommend tire shop to inspect for possible leak. all four operating tires are in good condition
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