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2015 Lincoln MKT


Lincoln MKT

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  • Road test vehicle. – verified pull to the left. Alignment check – Found passenger camber and tow out of adjustment. Adjustment. Adjusted camber and set toe, and road tested to verify repairs. Notes – both rear outer tie rod have slight movement, recommending keeping an eye on tire wear. Final road test- Verified vehicle tracking true.
  • General Inspection Priority one 1 oil change 2 rear tie rods Priority two 1 washer fluid line 2 trans leak Inspection Findings SEL- Code list Found code p029900 for turbo a under boost condition. Recommend diag. However boost felt fine on road test Washer Fluid Washer fluid doesn’t reach rear window. Found puddle of fluid under vehicle. Recommend diag and repair rear washer fluid line Under vehicle fluid leaks. Seeping from transmission area recommend performing dye test to pin point source of leak.
Mack S. gave our service a 5 star review on 4/6/2023
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