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2018 GMC Sierra 1500


GMC Sierra 1500

Service Date
Services Performed
  • General Inspection: Priority One: 1. brake inspection, 2. oil change, 3. clear codes Priority Two: 1. air filter SEL- Code list multiple codes, recommend to clear codes and reevaluate Oil Life % 2000 miles over due, recommend oil change Engine Oil a little oil seepage around oil pan / rear main seal area, recommend to keep an eye on Air Filter air filter is a little dirty, recommend to replace at next service Battery Condition unable to test battery due to missing label Brakes (Pads/Shoes) front brake rotors are worn and rusty recommend brake inspection
  • Diagnose customers concern of transmission getting hot.
  • Performed Premiun BG ATF flush. Final Tech Notes and Checklist: Atf flush Completed Per recommendation for transmission temperature issue performed bg flush on transmission. Installed atf cleaner and let vehicle idle for approx 20 min. Hooked up bg adaptor and flushed atf. Topped of with bg conditioner. Road tested vehicle to top of pass and back both to allow ample amount of time for transmission to get to its hottest point and to put biggest work load on transmission with out an actual load. Noted that transmission shifted perfectly and monitored temp the entire time. Optimal temp is between 190 and 210. On road test vehicle rose to 216 and remained steady at that temp. Once back at the shop allowed vehicle to idle to confirm fluid level is correct and while sitting temp rose to 220. Even though these temps aren’t terribly over optimal range and would not Necessarily Be an issue temperature will only increase if there is a load behind truck. Recommendation at this time would be to install a thermostat delete kit to ensure that atf is flowing through radiator constantly.
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2004 GMC Yukon XL


GMC Yukon XL

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Drained refilled with six quarts 5W30 synthetic blend and a can of moa, replaced oil filter, new sticker set for 3000 miles at 169,102, current odometer is 166,102, verified oil level is full
  • General Inspection – Priority List – Priority One: 1. brake flush, 2. recharge battery, 3. transmission flush, 4. oil dye test, Priority Two: 1. air filter, 2. bulb Inspection Findings – Lights (Head, Brake, Turn) – passenger fog lamp is out, recommend to replace bulb and recheck Engine Oil – oil leak looks to be coming from oil pan, recommend to clean and perform dye test to verify Brake Fluid – brake fluid test came back bad recommend brake flush Air Filter – air filter is pretty dirty recommend to replace Transmission fluid – transmission fluid is slightly discolored, recommend transmission flush Battery Condition – good, recommend to recharge Brakes (Pads/Shoes) – had brake squeak on way in, pad life looks to be okay
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2013 GMC Sierra 1500


GMC Sierra 1500

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Removed and replaced pigtail for a passenger side low beam bulb and replaced bulb. Rechecked headlight and confirm repair.
  • General Inspection Priority One. 1 low beam pigtail. 2 diagnose codes. 3 air induction service. 4 brake inspection. Priority two. 1 front struts / rear shocks. SEL- Code list 8 engine codes P0101, P015b, B015d, P0171, P0172, P0714, P0173 and P05 23. door switch codes B2555, B 15 90. recommend farther diagnose all codes. Windshield / Glass windshield has a very small chip recommend to have repaired. Lights (Head, Brake, Turn) passenger side low beam bulb attempted to replace bulb and found connector pins to be burnt and melted. need to replace connector and headlight bulb. Air Filter air filter is clean and looks newer. throttle body is pretty dirty recommend air induction service. Brakes (Pads/Shoes) front brake pads look like they're getting a little low recommend to perform brake inspection. Shocks / Struts rear shocks got to excessive amount of surface rust and our original equipment recommend replacing rear shocks. front shocks are also original equipment recommend to replace.
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2009 GMC Sierra


GMC Sierra

Service Date
Services Performed
  • During vehicle inspection found: Priority One. 1 brakes. 2 air filter. Priority Two. 1 windshield repair. 2 clear codes and reevaluate. SEL- Code list: passenger side door switch codes b1640, b3205. keyless entry and tire pressure monitoring codes c0750, c0755, c0760. Recommend clear codes and reevaluate at oil change. Windshield / Glass: windshield has a chip recommend to have repaired. Brake Fluid: brake fluid is contaminated will be performing flush at this time. Power Steering Fluid: power steering fluid is dark will be performing flush at this time. Air Filter: air filter is dirty recommend to replace. Brakes (Pads/Shoes): see brake inspection for specs. Transfer case fluid: transfer case fluid is worn will be draining and refilling at this time.
  • Test drove vehicle; verified _____. Removed, cleaned/lubed and inspected all four wheel braking components. Inspected entire system for leaks. Found: Front Brake Condition: front pads are in the green at 10 mm. Lateral run out is out of spec at 0.002. spec is 0.002. Rotor thickness is within spec at 1.182 spec is 1.10. Rear Brake Condition: rear drums and shoes are in good working order; will be servicing at this time. Notes: vehicle is equipped with jf3 brakes. Recommend: front rotors due to lateral runout and front pads for good measure.
  • Scanned vehicle and current codes present are: passenger side door switch codes b1640, b3205. keyless entry and tire pressure monitoring codes c0750, c0755, c0760. Engine code P1516 was not present at this time, no further diagnosis needed unless code returns. However, as a maintenance and due to a TSB in place regarding code P1516, we recommend performing Air Induction service and/or throttle body cleaning.
  • Check brake fluid for moisture and contamination. Inspect all hydraulic line and hoses. Inspect calipers and wheel cylinders. Inspect master cylinder and cap. Flush entire brake system including master cylinder, calipers, wheel cylinders until clean.
  • TRANSFER CASE FLUID – Drain & Refill – 4WD w/Skid Plate
  • Road test for power steering operation. Inspect system for leaks. Flush power steering lines, pump, rack and pinion, and or gear box. Install new power steering fluid. Install power steering additive to revitalize seals and . Road test vehicle.
  • Perform BG air induction service.
  • FRONT BRAKE PADS & ROTORS – Remove & Replace -Front,Both
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2009 GMC Sierra


GMC Sierra

Service Date
Services Performed
  • LOF Inspection- Priority List Priority One: 1 – brake flush. 2 – transfer case service. 3 – epr oil change- For oil condition and possible oil consumption. 4 – power steering flush. Inspection findings- SEL- Code list – Engine code P1516. driver switch passenger code B1640, B3205. keyless entry codes C0750 C0755, C0760, C0657. Oil Life % – no oil change sticker to reference to. Cabin air filter – vehicle is not equipped with cabin air filter. Windshield / Glass – windshield has a chip recommend to have repaired. Engine Oil – engine oil level is good, condition is black recommend epr oil change. Brake Fluid – brake fluid level is good, condition is testing in the 300 recommend brake flush. Power Steering Fluid – power steering fluid is dark recommend flush. Transfer case fluid – transfer case fluid level is good condition is dark recommend drain and refill.
  • Performed engine oil drain and refilled using customer requested full synthetic engine oil to spec's, with added BG MOA.
  • Performed tire rotate, torqued wheel to 140 ft lbs and set tire pressure to 35 psi.
  • Replaced oil filter.
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2015 GMC Terrain


GMC Terrain

Service Date
Services Performed
  • (Combination) – ENGINE OIL – Drain & Refill All Applicable Models
  • During vehicle inspection found:
  • ENGINE OIL FILTER – Remove & Replace – All Applicable Models
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