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2014 Volkswagen Jetta


Volkswagen Jetta

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  • Performed pre-scan finding multiple codes: p130a for cylinder disabling, p055 f00 for engine low oil pressure out of range, p0301 cylinder misfire number one detected, p0304 four cylinder number 4 misfire detected, p0302 for cylinder 2 misfire detected, p0300 for multiple cylinder misfire detected, p0341 for camshaft sensor circuit range performance. During general inspection found engine oil to be 2 quarts low due to leaking drain plug gasket. Topped off oil with 5W40 full synthetic oil, and continued on while monitoring oil level. Using scan data, confirmed cylinder number two has a severe misfire. Suspect possible spark plug or coil issue. Removed spark plug & coil and inspected. Spark plugs appear to be the original equipment and need to be replaced by mileage. However, verified coils and spark plugs were not causing the misfire. Found valve cover spark plug tube gaskets are leaking into number 4 cylinder and valve cover gasket needs to be replaced. While testing for cylinder number 2 misfire, detected loud noise coming from timing chain area. Suspecting possible timing chain tensioner is losing oil pressure. Found TSB number tt17-13-01 for oil pressure at idle stating that the mandrel maybe missing from not being transferred from old oil filter. Removed oil filter and inspected confirming the mandrel is still present. Inspected filter and found minimal metal debris. Drained oil and inspected confirming excessive amount of metal debris, indicating engine has internal issue. Recommend tear down of engine to pinpoint exactly what has failed (may be more cost effective to replace motor without tear down). Also recommending to replace all four injectors at that time for good measure.
  • During vehicle inspection found: Engine Oil: engine oil is due for an oil change by color along with very low on oil Brake Fluid: brake fluid tested bad recommend brake service Belts (Engine, accessory, serpentine, V-drive): belt has unusual wear
  • ENGINE OIL & FILTER – Remove & Replace – 2.0L Eng,O.H.C.- DOHC,Gas
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2010 Volkswagen Eos


Volkswagen Eos

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  • Removed and replaced oil filter. drain the oil and replaced drain plug gasket. Repaired threads on skid plate bolt. Refilled oil with 4.9 quarts of mobile one European 5W-40. stickered vehicle for 5,000 miles and reset maintenance light.
  • General Inspection – Priority List – Priority One: 1 cabin air filter. 2 repair skid plate bolt hole. Priority Two. 1 fog lamp. 2 clear codes and reevaluate. Inspection findings – SEL- Code list – Airbag codes 00532. Radio code 02635. Tire pressure monitoring code 02903. Recommended clear codes and reevaluate. Cabin air filter – Cabin air filter is dirty recommend to replace. Lights (Head, Brake, Turn) – Passenger side fog lamp is out recommend to replace bulb and reinspect. Other – One of the lower skid plate bolts have been cross threaded will be attempting to fix threads. Engine Oil – Engine oil level is good oil condition is black will be changing oil at this time. Oil drain plug does have signs of leaking will be replacing gasket at this time. Brake Fluid – Brake fluid is highly contaminated recommend performing flush. Power Steering Fluid – N/A Differential fluid- Frt and/or rear – N/A Transfer case fluid – N/A
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