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2006 Pontiac Vibe


Pontiac Vibe

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  • Scanned vehicle for codes, no codes present at time of testing. Road tested vehicle while monitoring live data, verified fuel trims values with in spec's, unable to duplicate customer described concern at this time.
  • General Inspection – Priority List – Priority One: 1. replace rear control arm bushings. 2. put dye in system to keep an eye on both seeps. Priority Three: Pressure test cooling system, clean radiator, clean condenser, replace coolant, rotate tires. INspection Findings – Oil Change & Filter – Oil change service not recommended at this time based on oil change sticker. Brake Fluid – b recommending to keep an eye on brake fluid corrosion level is rising Washer Fluid – topped off Steering System – Rear control arm bushing cracked and damaged. Recommend replacing Under vehicle fluid leaks. – Oil seeps from upper and lower pan gaskets and what could possibly be the head. Recommend to add dye and inspect at later date.
Kristian M. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/26/2023
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