2008 Smart Fortwo

  • 2008 Smart Fortwo

    Smart Fortwo
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    • General Inspection – Priority List – Priority One: 1. further diag codes Inspection Findings – SEL- Code list – multiple codes recommend to further diagnose Oil Life % – unable to tell what sticker says Air Filter – air filter is extremely dirty recommend to replace filter and perform throttle body air induction service.
    • trained and refilled with 3.5 quarts 5w40, replace oil filter, new sticker set for 5,000 miles at 57,509, current odometers 52,59, verified oil level is full.
    • Confirm service engine light is on. Perform prescan Turing general inspection and found engine codes p2188 for the mixture is too rich at idle speed, p0302 for combustion misfire cylinder two has been detected, p0301 combustion misfire cylinder number one has been detected. p0300 combustion misfire has been detected, p0106 intake manifold pressure sensor has a malfunction, p0116 coolant temperature sensor has malfunction, p2440 the secondary Aaron valve is jammed open. removed engine air filter and found to be extremely dirty, which could be causing code p2188, p0106, p0116, p2440. removed number three and number two spark plugs and found plugs to be denso copper in factory requires to have iranium. Recommending to replace air filter, perform air induction service, then replace spark plugs. after repairs are done recommended clear codes and road test vehicle to confirm repair. See added lines for repairs/ services.
    • Performed BG air induction service.
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